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...erzählt über 'In Between Dreams'

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson ist so ein Phänomen, das wir gestresste Pop-Jetsetter so überhaupt nicht auf dem Schirm hatten. Wieso auch, wir hatten ja noch nie Urlaub, keine Freizeit unter Palmen, sind kalkweiß und völlig unsportlich. Jack, ja der kommt von Hawaii, hat einen V-förmigen Oberkörper, surft seit er dre
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Jack Johnson ist so ein Phänomen, das wir gestresste Pop-Jetsetter so überhaupt nicht auf dem Schirm hatten. Wieso auch, wir hatten ja noch nie Urlaub, keine Freizeit unter Palmen, sind kalkweiß und völlig unsportlich. Jack, ja der kommt von Hawaii, hat einen V-förmigen Oberkörper, surft seit er drei Jahre alt war (noch bevor er laufen konnte) und ist mit Magnum und Higgins auf du und du. Und während wir hier in Köln-London-New York noch denken, Leute wie The Killers, Maximo Park oder Franz Ferdinand seien der heiße Scheiß, verkauft Jack Johnson ohne viel Aufsehen größte Hallen aus. Aus Mitleid hat er uns jetzt mal ein Tape geschickt, auf dem er uns alles erklärt. Natürlich mit dem Rauschen der Wellen im Hintergrund, so ein Arsch. Anyway, unsere Praktikanten haben's transkribiert, ihr könnt's zur Not also auch einfach nur lesen: Jack Johnson - Stream 1

Hi, everyone and welcome to Jack Johnson "In Between Dreams" live at home and favorites from the Kokua Festival. You know, on the surface Jack story sounds like part of the reality show that could be called Living in Paradise, he was born and raised in Hawaii and he learned to surf when he began to walk. His musical chops were honed at family barbecues and on far off surf trips. And bootleg tapes of his soulful folk tunes began to circulate throughout the surf community. This fairytale would make Jack's discovery inevitable. His tape fell into the hands of musician Ben Harper and Ben and his manager/producer JP Plunier helped Johnson make a record. In 2001 Jack released his full length debut "Brushfire Fairytales" and followed it with "On & On." Now comes #3 "In Between Dreams" a March 1st release and Johnson most musically upbeat album so far. We are very fortunate because Jack has agreed to not only share with us a one of his favorite concert performances but later in the show, he'll join us from his home studio in Hawaii with a few words and some solo showcases of songs from " In Between Dreams." Right now let's join Jack Johnson in concert.

We've been listening to Jack Johnson from last year's Kokua Festival in Hawaii. New fans may not know, but with the legendary surf spot Oahu's pipeline, virtually in his front yard, Jack earned an invite to surf the Pipe Masters competition at the very young age of seventeen. (from 15:48 track 1 ) More music is on the way, Live at Home and favorites from Kokua, right after this.

Jack Johnson - Stream 2 Stream 2

Hey, how's it going? This is Jack Johnson I'm here in Hawaii. We're sitting in a garage but we call it the Mango Tree, it's a little homemade studio my brother and I built, and I'm gonna be playing you some songs from here today. The new record is called "In Between Dreams"…and we started out, I thought this was gonna be the mellowest record yet, and somehow it ended up being slightly more up beat than the last one at least. Probably pretty similar to the first one as far as tempo and things. But basically whenever I have enough songs together just to do anther record, I kinda get in the studio, and never really the band, and I don't really sit down to write for an album or anything like that. It's just over the last couple of years I've been writing songs and so it was time to get in there. And so there are few mellow ones like "Constellation" and "No Other Way." And then a song called "Where All The Good People Go." I think on the record, we just clipped "Good People" and "Sitting Waiting Wishing" and "Staple it Together," which is a pretty up beat one. So it's interesting, you know, I always thought I was gonna get mellower with each record as it went, but this one, somehow it I got a little more upbeat, which is kinda fun. I guess everybody was just in a good mood over here in the studio. So this song "Banana Pancakes," it's a real simple kind of love song - goof around in the morning and make a big breakfast and hang out with the family kinda song and this is it.

"Constellations," the music started out while we were on tour, actually. Every day at soundcheck, when we get up there, you know, the first few shows we kinda use a soundcheck as a rehearsal and we get all the songs together again, me and the band, because we don't practice much on the time off, well, we never really practiced and, you know, every once it's time to tour again after three months break, we have to go over the songs during the soundcheck and once we get all the songs together, we started just goofing off at soundcheck, and towards the end of the tour, we started having this was an open Hawaiian tuning that a friend of mine, [ ], showed me how to tune, and it's real low bass note. It's a C tuned down to C. So we had this tune, I didn't have any words for it and I can never really write lyrics on tour very well because it's always just a little too apparent to me that playnig this songs in front of people and sometimes I don't really write for the purest reasons when I'm on tour, I don't feel like. So when I got home I was surfing and I was out in the water and it was a really nice night and there wasn't anybody else out. The waves weren't all that great, but the weather was nice and the sunset. And right as the sun was setting and the moon was rising and it was just enough light to stay out, andd surf for a while, and I was just watching these kids who were playing on the shore, and they were skipping rocks and laughing and the first verse came together from that little surf session. Then, when I came in, I was real excited about it and I sat down and wrote the rest of the song


"No Other Way," well that came about it's a song that… it's one of those things when you're having trouble going to sleep at night and the person you're with is having trouble and the ripple effect or the waves that happen and cause you to stay up all night talking about things. It's not always a negative thing, but can sometimes work out something that's been on your mind for awhile, and that's the idea for this song.


Hey, thanks a lot for listening. This is Jack Johnson, sitting here in Hawaii at the Mango Tree Studio. And stick around and we're gonna have some music from The Kokua Festival coming up after this break.